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Project Description
An IMP eBook Reader for the Android OS 2.2 and 1.5

You will find the APK for 2.2 and 1.5 on the Download page.

This project is done with Eclipse (Galileo) with the Android Add-In.
The current IMP files are to be on the SD Card.

Problem of speed with opening the IMP book and decompressing it has been solved using the NDK. I can open a compressed 220Kb book and decompress and view it in 6sec.

Changed TextView to WebView with Scroll better display of book text.
Plan to add the opening of the last book and auto scroll to the last page. After that I plan to make some minor changes to the text output to look better in the screen. Also gestures are on my list.

I do plan to expand to a new project once this one is completed. The new project will view not just IMP but also LRF and EPUB (eReader) formats as well.

Current Problem: (Solved)
The decompression algorithm for LZSS is slow. I am open to ideas. The discussion for this will be on MobileRead Forums

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